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Tarot of Marseille
Tarot of Marseille
Tarot of Marseille
Tarot of Marseille
Tarot of Marseille
Tarot of Marseille
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Who is Rachel ?

I am Rachel, and I specialize in Tarot of Marseille card reading.

Please feel welcome on my clairvoyance website.

I have been practicing the Divinatory Art of the Tarot for more than 45 years now. I learned to read the cards of the Tarot thanks to my grandmother, who was a great and very well-known tarologist in southwest France.

At first, I would only read cards for my family and friends, who would ask me from time to time to read their future in the cards of the Tarof of Marseille. Then, I slowly discovered that I could turn my gift into a real and exciting craft that allows me to help on a daily basis people who really need it.

If you feel that you have doubts about your future, if you want to know your romantic, professional or family future, just ask me.

I will gladly answer by email within 15 minutes. It will be the opportunity to meet each other, don’t you agree?

Yours truly,

Rachel Tarot de Marseille

You have an urgent question?

Call me on my direct line.


    1 646 585 0187

    $1 the first 10 minutes. $4.50 for any extra minute.

The Tarot of Marseille

The Tarot of Marseille is a Divinatory Art that has been praticed for generations. It allows us to predict the future.

Most of the time, it is ascribed to fortunetellers who read the cards of the tarot to reveal details about our past, our present and of course, our future.

The Tarot of Marseille is a 56 card-deck. The Tarot is usually composed of 22 major cards. Those 22 cards are extremely important because they represent figures, characters and/or religious entities.

There are several ways to draw the cards with a Tarot of Marseille: with 5 or 3 cards or with a cross draw. It all depends on the specific case of the querent and his or her question. If the question is simple and precise, then a 3 card draw is enough. If the querent needs more information or wishes to ask several questions, a Cross spread is the most indicated solution.

To ask a question to the Tarot of Marseille, you need to be able to put yourself into conditions. You need to listen to the tarologist when she reads the cards and respect her moments of silence, which allows her to focus on the reading of your cards.

The Tarot of Marseille is a general Tarot that allows you to have the answers for all of the aspects of your life. The Tarot of Marseille is never wrong, whether you want to know more about your romantic, professional and financial life. It is one of the most reliable divination tools in the world of clairvoyance.

Love Tarot

Love Tarot is a Tarot dedicated exclusively to love and romantic relationships.

Free Love Tarot is a Tarot that will allow you to move forward in your romantic life. Love predictions will reveal to you important events of your romantic life thanks to precise and dated preditions.

Love tarot will give you details about your future together. Wedding, children, break up, comeback, moving in. You will know everything thanks to the free couple tarot, the ultimate love tarot.

Free Love Tarot works the same way traditionnal Tarot of Marseille works, with major and minor arcanas.

By using the Free Love Tarot, you will be able to evaluate your romantic life and finally answer all the question often left aside. All your doubts will quickly and definitely disappear.

If you are in doubt regarding your partner’s faithfulness, if you want to know if your ex will come back to you or if your relationship has chances to evolve positively, Free Love Tarots will answer you clearly and simply.

If you wish to benefit from an expertise on your situation, make the most of free love tarot !

Psychic Reading

A psychic is a person who has special abilities which allow them to make predictions and have premonitions.

A psychic allows us to shape the future and helps us to solve our problems and move forward.

A psychic allows you to read your future and answer all of your questions, whether they are of romantic, professional or financial order. A psychic reading will give you the answers that you need to move forward to a better future.

You have sentimental issues and you cannot find a solution. A psychic solves your problems and give you an efficient solution to find again happiness in love.

Some problems or doubts in your professional life? I propose you a free and online psychic reading. I will give you an accurate reading.

Call me now to enjoy a first psychic reading with me!

Free Tarot

Free Tarot gives you the opportunity to know your future thanks to the Tarot of Marseille cards.

It allows you to have a first approach to the esoteric world of the Tarot for free. You have issues of romantic, financial or professional order? Free tarot is here for you!

Indeed, free tarot allows you to have a clear and detailed answer to your question, for free. It will allow us to establish the first contact and to let you discover my tarologist abilities.

You have never tried free tarot and you are scared to take the first step? I understand, don’t worry.

That is why I will do everything in my power to answer your question by email as soon as possible thanks to my online free tarot.

Any questions about love? Don’t worry, Free Love tarot will help you. I will propose you a free love Tarot reading.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use my free tarot now!

Tarot Reading

You need to see clearer in a situation? Try a tarot reading.

Thanks to the tarot reading, many people like you were able to find a solution to their problems and are happy now!

What about you? Do you want to found anew the happiness you have lost? Trust the tarot Marseille reading that I offer you right now on my clairvoyance website.

In order to realize the free tarot reading, I use the tarot of Marseille, 100% reliable and very accurate.

Your question is more of a romantic issue? No worries! I will be able to direct the reading by doing a love tarot reading.

You have never tried a tarot reading? It is time to do it now!

Just try the tarot reading, ask me your question and receive a quick and clear answer by email!